Top 5 dropshipping categories of 2019

in Quick Read on March 3, 2019

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is becoming a very popular concept in which you run your entire business without ever having to stress and worry about managing inventory and shipping out orders. When a customer places an order with your website, you’ll simply order that product from your supplier and they’ll handle the rest from shipment to delivery. 

What is the best niche to drop ship?

The 5 top niches which can yield you high profit and the reasons why these are the top 5 are explained below. But before that, it’s a fact that no niche is good or bad if you pay a little bit of attention to the marketing of products. Any niche can yield you a very high amount of profit. But then again, some easier targets are discussed here.

1. Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty and cosmetic products are one of the highest earning industries in today’s world. Every now and then a new beauty product appears in the market creating a new trend and the world starts crushing over that product. Then other beauty brands come out with their version of that very same product and customers go crazy over it and start buying from all different websites. If your store is offering a little discount or even a few trial samples along with the product you are sure to gain a lot of traffic on your website and make a lot of sales.

2. Relationships

This is again a very popular niche where you can attract a lot of customers only if you find the correct products. People are always ready to spend their money to make their significant other happy whether it is a birthday or anniversary or any other event. It is almost obvious that they are going to buy something. And believe it or not, ordering gifts online is the best option for them as they can directly deliver it to wherever they want and also order something without the notice of their partners to surprise them. This is a niche you can make money year round and lots of it if you have a good marketing plan. 

3. Gadgets & Tech

The electronics niche has long been popular and is growing more and more each year. Gadgets make life easier whether it is a hair styling tool, an electronic device or even any kitchen appliances, the more you have the more you want. That is the rule of gadgets. People just can’t stop buying gadgets. Most of them do not work for a very long period of time and then people rebuy those gadgets. Thus, never ignore this niche as you do not require much market research when it comes to choosing what products to display in this niche as most products are very popular and attract customers according to their budget.

4. Babies

Who doesn’t love cute little babies? Baby products are now a big craze, even more than before. Everyone around a baby will buy something or the other for the baby thus increasing the sales of these products. People buy products even before the birth of the baby and continue doing so even when the kid reaches the toddler stage. Therefore, in this niche, you can make one particular customer buy products from you over and over again. Thus, customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of this niche. These can range from anything like clothing items to cleaning wipes and even baby creams, soaps, and powders. But make sure the products you are selling are legitimate and have been tested.

5. Travel

And last but not least we have Travel. This is another very popular niche as we all travel small and large distances on the purpose of our job, meeting a loved and or friend, or just simply for the purpose of traveling. As we do so we require all essential travel items from carry-on luggage to small bags and tiny bottles to aid our travel and several such products. Most people lose and misplace these products while they travel or they get worn out in a very short span of time as these products are not so well maintained as that of the ones present in our homes. More destruction leads to more sales as people cannot imagine traveling without those essentials. So, do a proper product search and you can become successful in this niche.

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