How to create a beautiful dropshipping business

in Design on March 17, 2019

Looking to jump into the e-commerce world?

If you are, give this blog post a read for some helpful tips and tricks on how YOU can start killing it in the e-commerce world.

1. Theme

This is without a doubt the most important aspect when it comes to drop shipping, how your store looks and flows. I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of people that use the free Brooklyn theme provided by Shopify, don’t do that.

Buy a theme from ThemeForest and you’ll already be one step above your competition. If you did not already know about ThemeForest they have premium themes for everything from Shopify to WordPress and they are usually under $60. Shopify Premium themes are over $110 and are pretty much the same thing as their free themes. Never spend money on themes from Shopify.

2. Layout

So many people whip a store together, import some products from AliExpress and call it good then they wonder why they aren’t making sales. I’ve even seen people leave imported descriptions, titles, and images on their store.

If you are keeping the same images at least look for a supplier where all of the product photos are uniform so your store looks nice and neatly organized with similar product shots. All of our premade stores we place products on color backgrounds which makes it even more pleasing to the eyes and it just looks good.

3. Branding

Branding is a huge part of any business, it’s what your clients, customers, and etc remember and know you by. Good branding can go a long way, so it’s important you have a logo that fits your business, makes sense, and looks good at the same time. Your logo does not have to be some super complex and crazy design, you can simply combine a few fonts together for a nice modern and minimal looking logo.

4. Social Media

If you’re selling on Instagram make sure you set up your product tags, it’s easy and simple to do and will make your brand not only look more legitimate but customers can click on the tag and go right to the product instead of trying to search through your website.

To setup product tagging you have to have your Instagram account set up as a business profile and you need to be upgraded to a paid Shopify plan. If you have both of these set up just click the Instagram channel and begin the setup.

5. Go Kill It

Just those few basic steps can make a huge difference, all of our premade stores usually include all of the following besides product tagging, that requires you to be on a paid Shopify plan. Browse our catalog and buy a store that fits your niche and you’ll be on your way to killing it in the e-commerce world.

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