Earn a commission for each premade store you sell

Our affiliate program is officially here, sign up today and start getting paid!

Earn —

Register for our affiliate program and earn commission for each store you sell. The more stores you sell the higher your commission rate will increase.

Climb —
the ranks

This is a three tier affiliate program, that means you’ll start with a lower commission rate but as you sell stores that commission rate will increase. 

How It Works


Register an affiliate account with us.


Generate a random link or create one.


Share and promote your affiliate link.


When someone buys through your link.


Earn more money with more referrals.


Get paid via PayPal for your referrals.

Affiliate Tiers

Tier 1

10% commission for the first 3 referrals.

Tier 2

15% commission for the next 2 referrals.

Tier 3

20% commission for the last 3 referrals.