Kini Bums


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What’s Included?

  • Premium Theme
  • 4-8 Day Shipping
  • 70 Live Products
  • 205 Imported Products
  • Branding Files
  • Graphic Files
  • Instagram Account
  • Gmail Account
  • Website Domain
  • 20 HD Copyright Free Images
  • Edited Descriptions
  • Edited Product Photos

As summer gets closer there will be hundreds of new bikinis added by the supplier daily that you’ll be able to add to your store. There is also a text document included with your purchase that tells you how to find thousands of FREE lifestyle photos with girls wearing the bikinis that you can use for your social media. You can source more than just swimwear as well and you earn points for each order. Stack a bunch of orders and you can use those points for 100% profit. Item cost is under $20 and you can change the prices we already have for a even higher ROI.


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  • Size : 31.56 MB
  • Platform : Shopify
  • Products : 63
  • Theme : Premium
  • Domain : Default
  • Social Media : No

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